Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

American Pit Bull Terrier 
Forget about all the misconceptions concerning how bad Pit Bulls are! They were bred to be perfect “nanny dogs’ because of friendly nature and extreme loyalty. Pits were America’s favorite canines. Petey, the dog companion of the Little Rascals, was a pit, as well as Nipper, the RCA dog, and Tige, the Buster Brown shoe mascot. Pit Bulls are safe with children, moreover, they love and protect them. 

The latin phrase “multum in parvo” is usually used to describe pugs. It means “a lot of dog in a small space”. Pugs are known as the clowns of the dog world because they never really grow up and adore to amuse people around. Pugs are affectionate and friendly, they love companionship and thrive for human attention. Perfect playmates for kids! When asleep, of course. These canines sleep around 14 hours a day, so be ready to wait to play with them. 

Being friendly, cheerful and energetic, Beagles are great for the families with active kids. They are very enduring, never too tired to play and have some humorous habits, like howling, that is rather amusing in small doses. The most famous Beagle, your kids must have probably seen, is Snoopy from the cartoons “Peanuts”. 

English Bull Terrier 
Bullies with a nickname “the kid in a dog suit” are perfect pets for large families. They require constant attention and hours of playtime. Being cute and very intelligent, they endure all children’s mischieves and can help them understand how to treat dogs. 

Called “nature’s babysitters”, these giants adore children and are always ready to protect them. Weighing up to 150 pounds, the breed is larger than most children! Gentle, kind temperament and extreme patience make Newfoundlands perfect family companions. Moreover, they are successful service dogs. There has been many stories of them rescuing people and children from the water after shipwrecks. Newfies are protective, lovable and calm - perfect dogs for kids! For example, the dog in Peter Pan, Nana, is actually a Newfoundland. Just imagine how sweet and warm will be to sit beside loveable gigantic furballs during cold winter nights! 

This is another big dog breed great for the families with children. Bullmastiffs are very protective and always will be there where kids are. Do not expect from them to be playful and active. These pets prefer laying on the sofa and endure pranks. 

American Bulldog 
Energetic and playful, these pets loves people and can play all day long. Bulldogs enjoy being outside and be involved in different activities, including jogging, pulling weights and chasing balls. They will happily pull kids on a sled for hours. Just don’t forget to please them rubbing bellies at the end of the day! 

Known for legendary patience and gentleness with children, Boxers are considered to be one of the best family dogs. If you don’t mind a drooler in the house who likes to cuddle and amuses everyone with his clownish antics, choose a Boxer. 

The most popular dog breed all around the world. Labradors are playful, affectionate and loving. Super intelligent and sweet by temper, they are perfect family pet. There are two things Labs enjoy more - learning new tricks and playing with kids. Labradors love to spend time outdoors. Instead of being indoors and staying glued to the television or with computer games, spending the day playing with a Lab is a good motivation for children to play outside, enjoy nature and have exercise. 

Golden Retriever 
This younger Labrador’s brother is as good as his relative. The Golden Retriever's kindly expression says it all. The breed’s tolerant and friendly attitude make them perfect for children. Taking care of Goldens is the great way to teach kids important lessons in responsibility and compassion.